Ankeny Facts

Community Facts

Location: Polk County, Iowa, 6 miles north of downtown Des Moines, three miles north of the nation’s major crossroads, the I-35/I-180 Interchange

City Size: 18.09 square miles incorporated

Population Year Households
2,964 1960 837
9,151 1970 2,552
15,429 1980 5,611
18,482 1990 6,983
21,485 1994 7,957
27,117 2000 10,882
39,000 2010 (projection) 15,600
55,000 2020 (projection) 20,000
Median Age: 31.1
2000 Population Male Female
Ankeny 13,140 13,977
Polk County 181,739 192,862
State of Iowa 1,435,515 1,490,809
City of Ankeny
Ankeny Total Population 27,117
Median Age 31.9
Median Age – Female 32.5
Median Age – Male 31.3
2000 Income
Median Household $55,162
Per Capita $25,143
Median Value Owner-Occupied Housing unit: $128,600 (2000)
Price for an “upscale” 2,000 sq ft: 3 bedroom, 2 baths: $155,000 to $225,000 (est.)
Apartment rental rates (average):
1 bedroom – $462
2 bedroom – $588
3 bedroom – $683
Largest Employers
Ankeny Community Schools
Casey’s General Stores
Des Moines Area Community College
John Deere Des Moines Works
Mrs.Clark’s Foods
On With Life
Perishable Distributors of Iowa
Snyder & Associates
Tone’s Spices
Younker’s Distribution Center
Largest Retail Employers
Home Depot
Karl Chevrolet
Super Target
Super Walmart
Hospitality Services
Number of Restaurants: 60
Number of Hotels/Motels:
Places of Worship
More than 23 churches serve the Ankeny area
Recreational Facilities
Ankeny has an excellent recreation and park system. Eighteen parks totaling 290 acres are indicative of Ankeny’s commitment toward providing recreational facilities. Other facilities include:
  • 18-hole public golf courses (2)
  • disc golf course
  • tennis courts
  • 3500 seat field house
  • swimming pools
  • 4000 seat stadium & all weather track
  • multi-sport complex
  • family aquatic center
  • bike trails
  • 560 seat auditorium
The City of Ankeny dedicated the Prairie Ridge Center Youth Sports complex in July 2002. The multi-sport complex is the first of its kind in the State of Iowa with 15 baseball fields, 6 football fields, 11 soccer fields and 6 softball fields.

The Ankeny Family YMCA is the nation’s first collaborative effort in which a “Y” is attached to a high school. This joint “Y” school district effort includes an 8-lane, 25-yard pool, gymnasium, cardio-vascular training center, weight room, nursery, multi-purpose room, youth activity room and handball courts.

Saylorville Dam, 2 miles west of the city, forms a 5400-acre lake. Big Creek Lake, north of Ankeny is 866 acres. Both provide opportunities for hiking, boating, swimming, biking, camping and fishing.

Ankeny Community Schools:
The Ankeny Community School District is the 10th largest district in Iowa and enjoys an outstanding reputation in Iowa and the Midwest for exemplary and balanced curricular and co-curricular programs designed to meet the needs of all students. The District’s curriculum is research-based, rigorous, and reflective of our changing society.

Grades number Enrollment:
Elementary (grades Pre-K-5), enrollment: 2,945
Middle School (grades 6-9), enrollment: 1,910
High School (grades 10-12), enrollment: 1,217
Other Programs, enrollment: 141.2
Total Students: 6,213.2
Source: Certified Enrollment – Ankeny Community School District (2002)

Post Graduation Intentions for 2001 Graduates:
Attend a four year college: 63.7% or 250 students
Attend a two year, college/training program: 28.9% or 113 students
Enter the military: 1.5% or 6 students
Start full-time employment: 3.1% or 12 students
Unknown: 2.8% or 11 students

Ankeny Christian Academy:
A private Christian school established in 1993 has a current enrollment of 190 students in grades K-12.

Des Moines Area Community College:
Ankeny is home to Iowa’s largest community college, DMACC is a publicly supported two-year institution serving the Des

Moines metropolitan area and surrounding counties. It is the mission of the college to offer quality programs and courses to meet the different community interests, student abilities and person objectives of citizens of all ages and levels for education. DMACC has trained more than 12,000 workers through the Iowa Industrial New Jobs Training program, a collaborative effort between the college and businesses to help employees prepare for the jobs created by new and expanding companies. Fall 2002 enrollment on the Ankeny Campus: 7,146.

Faith Baptist Bible College:
Faith Baptist Bible College is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, and by the Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges. Fall 2002 enrollment was: 505.

Iowa State University, Ames
Drake University, Des Moines
Grandview College, Des Moines

Ankeny’s close proximity to ISU and DMACC offers research and technological links along with valuable job training of Iowa companies.